REST API Documentation

Let your REST resources auto-generate neat API Documentation for you.

REST API Documentation

Console generates API documentation for the resources. Each resource information in the documentation contains the

  • version information.
  • response status code
  • url
  • method information
  • params
  • response headers

Metamug API Docs

Documenting the Resource

If the resource is well documented with the Desc Tag. The docs users will find it easier to derive meaningful information. This helps developers to make requests correctly.

The following resource is saved as movie.xml. It will automatically generate documentation when the console resource is saved.

<Resource xmlns=""  v="1.1">
    <Desc>Contains information about movies.</Desc>

    <!-- Collection GET Request /movie -->
    <Request method="GET">
        <Desc>Get info of all movies with ratings greater than 3.</Desc>
        <Sql id="wellRatedMovies">
            SELECT name,rating FROM movie
            where rating gt 3.0

    <!-- Item GET Request /movie/{id} -->
    <Request method="GET" item="true">
        <Desc>Get info of movie with given id.</Desc>
        <Sql id="allMovies">
            SELECT * FROM movie where id=$id

    <Request method="POST">
        <Desc>Insert a movie</Desc>
        <Sql id="insert">
            INSERT INTO movie (name,rating) values ($title,CAST($rate AS DECIMAL))

    <Request method="DELETE" item="true" status="410">
        <Desc>Delete the selected movie record</Desc>
        <Sql id="delete">
            DELETE FROM movie WHERE id=CAST($id AS DECIMAL)

Request Parameters

Request Parameters are automatically converted into parameters in the documentation. If param tag is added to the request, it will additionally show the information about parameters to be sent during the request.

Param Information in Generated API Docs

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