Backend Tables

Metamug Console creates a set of tables in the backend database which are used by the console to store information about error logs, request statistics, query catalog data, user authentication etc. However, these tables are not required when the application is deployed in production. So, these tables can be dropped and we can provide you a script for the same.

The following tables are created by Metamug console in the database when backend is created.

Console tables

The tables described in points 1,2,3,4 and 5 are used by the Metamug console during development and have no useful purpose during production. So we can provide you a script to drop these tables from your production database.

  1. cors This table is for holding information of domains which can access the API. Currently, we don't support this feature so this table is redundant.
  2. error_log This table holds error logs occurring when API requests are made.
  3. query_log This table contains a history of the SQL queries executed using the SQL-editor in the console.
  4. request_log This table contains information of every request made to the API. This is used for showing the API request statistics in the console.
  5. mtg_query_catalog, mtg_query_reference, mtg_query_tag, mtg_query_test_data These four tables are used by the query catalog and query test feature which enables the user to test a SQL query using optional test data before creating the API.

Authentication Table

The tables in 6,7 are used for Authentication of resources as described here, More importantly, the mtg_config is only essential as it contains the SQL query for authentication. The other two tables (usr, usr_roles) are only provided as default and can be replaced by any other tables containing user data. So, if we remove mtg_config the resource authentication feature will no longer be available for use.

  1. mtg_config This table should contain queries which shall be used by Metamug to provide authentication for resources.
  2. usr, usr_roles These two are default tables provided for user Authentication purpose. They can be used to store user and roles data or alternatively, any other tables can be used.

Production Use

In addition to the above, we recommend you to not use Metamug console with your production database. Instead, you can connect your development database with the console for API development and then export your backend ( for use in production.