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Why API Console is best for building REST APIs for SQL databases

Multiple database support

Multiple database support

Support for MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server database

User authentication

Role based authentication

Protect your API endpoints using Basic-Auth or JWT token based auth

Request analytics

Request analytics

Monitor statistical data of requests made to your API using visual dashboard

Deliver your API in 3 easy steps


Connect your database

Create a datasource using your database connection url and create an API backend


Run and test your database queries

Execute queries on your database using test data values and save successful queries


Create REST API using your queries

Make API requests to obtain JSON or XML response containing your query results

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Parth Kadakia

Fantastic Product at Fantastic Price

“We were looking to move away from traditional SQL queries. Metamug stepped into the picture by providing a very resourceful, easy to use API management solution. The price was also very reasonable compared to the competitors they have who charge almost 10x more.“

Parth Kadakia
Systems and Solutions Specialist

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Frequently Asked Questions

API Console works as a server which can be started/stopped using the terminal/command line. Once running, the console can be accessed via the browser on localhost:7000/console.

For further details visit https://metamug.com/docs/server-setup.

API console is a server which allows you to create REST API resources and save your SQL queries in each resource converts results of your SQL queries into JSON or XML and returns it over HTTP/HTTPS when an API request is made. In addition it also provides SQL management feature.

API Console provides role based access control to your REST API endpoints. You can assign and manage roles to your users and protected endpoints can be accessed using Basic Auth or Bear Auth (using JWT) schemes. Check out the docs for more information.

API Console dashboard screen displays data related to your API consumption like daily request hits, requests per each endpoint, consumer devices, Operating system data etc.

In addition to building your REST API, API Console also generates the API documentation along with Open API spec.

API Console has built-in groovy scripting to connect API requests to business logic along with other elements like Sql, external API requests and others. You can also upload plugins written in Java.

API management features like app developer portal, rate limiting, request payload model and validation, response caching are included in the Enterprise edition of API console. Please check the pricing page for more information.

We accept paypal and wire transfer at the moment. Contact us at hi@metamug.com or sales@metamug.com for quote and license details

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