Our mission is to make software development process easy

About Us was registered first in 2013 as an internet technology to later be registered as a Metamug Technologies LLP in Nov 2014. We worked with web technologies along with different AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud services.

Metamug specializes in internet technologies like web services, internet security, distributed computing.

In 2015, Metamug served businesses around the globe in software development. During this time we successfully delivered projects for desktop and mobile-based solutions.

In 2016, We started developing API Console, which has become our flagship product for delivering APIs to customers.

Our First Integration

We delivered API integration for Blue Mountain Waters in early 2017. Helping them efficiently manage their bottling plant. We built their desktop as well as android client to help their factory workers add data.

blue mountain project
blue mountain usecase

We worked with the project manger to understand plant requirements and tasks for the bottling activities.


In 2017, we delivered modern web applications with technologies like React JS, Angular JS using our product, helping our customers reach faster deadlines.

Leading Startup to Scale

wondrx project

In early 2018, we lead the API development with our product for Wondrx , a healthcare startup with RX pad innovation. They have been recently funded for their innovation.

Our Product Goes Global with SQL Server Support

We licensed our product Hatteras to support SQL Server. We have provided great support to their Devops team and the same year we started licensing our product API to other customers. One of them is Hatteras, a print company based in the US. Hatteras uses Metamug API Console with over 200K requests per month across their apps and devices.

navigator project

Our Customer Success

customer success review

We partnered with notable customers like


ERC20 Based Invoice financing blockchain startup

Jaipur Gems

Leading Luxury brand with SMS API and marketing integration with Mailchimp


SOAP Based API authentication for invoice processing with government APIs

Into The Future

In 2020, we are exploring more opportunities in API services and integration space. We are building more products for API monitoring, access control to help customers monetize and regulate API integrations.

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