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Licensed Instance Pricing

Per Instance license is designed to support installations on a server instance or workstation. Each installation requires a separate license.
Before purchasing the license, we recommend users try the free download

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We accept paypal for payment. If you have any pricing related query, kindly mail us at Three-Year-Term requires upfront payment. We provide special discounts to qualified educational institutions. Contact sales for discounts.


Free version will always be free. Dedicated support is provided to the licensed users.

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Suitable For Full Stack Developers API Development Teams
Pricing FREE Annual per year
Resource Features
Error Logging
API Usage Statistics
SQL Catalog
External API Call
Backend Export
API Plugins*
Software Updates Stable Release Regular Updates
Supported DB HSQLDB(Default), MySQL Postgres, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server
Tech Support Stackoverflow Email & Online Support JIRA Ticket
* API Plugins can be built and installed. We provide custom plugin development as per requirement and they are charge separately.


Download Metamug Console and build backends on your local workstation or server.
API Plugins allow the developer to write custom business logic for their API using Java.
For free users you can create 2 backends. There is no limit for paid users. It all depends on your machine specs. Console typically works with 2GB ram. It can be configured to utilize more RAM.
After the end of the license, the license must be renewed to use console and its supported databases. If you do not wish to renew,
  • you can export your backends built with open source mason library .
  • Import the exported backend in the free version of console that supports MySQL.
You can use the console to directly view all your backends and modify them by clicking on backends tab. Backend tab provides following features
  • Backends can be exported to a war format
  • source code can also be download.
You can read the backend docs by going to http://localhost:7000/backend/
You can enable authentication by adding user role to different users through the SQL editor. Then using the user name in the "auth" attribute of the <Resource> tag. For more info, you can read the auth documenation Analytics and error logging is also part of the console. As you use the console, console monitors traffic to the backend and generates data to be shown in the console.
Yes we do provide custom plugin development along with the product licensed.
We accept paypal and wire transfer at the moment.