Perpetual License

Metamug API Console Perpetual Licensed Editions can be purchased once and used forever.

Forever License

Purchasing a Metamug API Console Perpetual Licensed Editions enables you to unlock and use all product features beyond the standard 14-day trial period. It is sold to you as a perpetual license, meaning the product you buy is yours to keep and use FOREVER!

Perpetual pricing

Along with one year of features and updates. (One Year Warranty)

With a perpetual license, you actually get more goodies! In addition to the product, the license qualifies you for any product updates we ship during that year, along with a year of free unlimited customer support tickets. Updates may include new features, bug fixes or both.


That means you’re welcome to the software on any computer you use. However, if we notice a large number of activations using the same license, we may contact you to verify this behavior.


Renewing your Metamug API Console License is optional. You can continue to use the version you own forever, however, renewing will ensure you get additional updates in the coming year and extends your product support for an additional year.

Perpetual License with Extended Support

Yes, the license is perpetual. With an active Extended Support you get access to all new releases of our software. If you do not have an active Extended Support, you are entitled to use the release that was current at the time of expiration. The expiration date is stated on your License Statement. Extended Support Renewal can be purchased here. This includes licenses on older versions. For OEM and Enterprise Licenses, please contact our sales team for assistance to renew your license.


  • No updates to feature.
  • Fixes only.
  • No feature modification
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