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Console generates backends running on mason. Mason is an open-source REST API framework for Java Web Developers.

How it works


Unzip and run the bin/startup


Open http://localhost:7000/console/ and login using default credentials admin/admin


Create backend and hit http://localhost:7000/{backend}


2018-11-30 0.6.1 - Added support for building Plugins using Maven projects
2018-11-14 0.6.0 - Added Backend export feature
- Added Persist feature in XRequest
2018-10-09 0.5.7 - Fixed backend and resource delete bugs
- Added XRequest - Added External DB connection feature for MySQL (beta)
- Improved XML & SQL Highlighting
2018-07-27 0.5 - Bundled JRE
- Added HSQLDB as default database for webapps
- Added Software Updater and UI Fixes
2018-01-18 0.4 - Added SQL logs screen
- Added "verbose" and "persist" attributes
2017-09-17 0.3.4 - Added Error logs screen to console
2017-05-05 0.3 - Added resource file download in console
- Changed query execution as per queryType
- Added plsql toggle in sql-editor
2016-12-04 0.2.2 - Improved Syntax highlighting to sql and resource editors
2016-07-26 0.2 - Added conditional branching using when attribute.
- Added text editor for viewing, creating and saving resource files
2016-01-19 0.1.3 - Added sql editor
- Added <Desc> inside <Resource> and <Request> tags.
- Added code page in console
- Added <Execute> element in <Resource>
2015-10-11 0.0.6 - Created Console, Added resource listing page, delete and resource upload
- Added create backend popup dialog
- Added backend delete


How we started it

Setup-Code-Build-Deploy was taking a long time. Even a small webapp took time to build in this age of React, Angular etc. Server were slow to build APIs for them. Know More

What is Metamug Console?

Metamug Console is a backend server which helps build REST APIs with sql and xml. REST resources can be created with XML. Metamug trims out layers of code and connects resource endpoints straight to data access. This helps in faster api development. Know More

Why Console?

Console helps you build APIs for your apps quickly. It helps solo app developers do little work on backend. So they can focus on creating better apps. More

Future Releases

18 Jan, 2019

Reusable Query Configure and Reuse ♻ loosely coupled queries in multiple resources.

Ask Questions on stackoverflow with tag metamug. We will help answer them. If you need any help mail us at We will try to resolve them quickly. Let's build better apps for users.


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