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Metamug API Console is an On-Premise API management and integration platform based on the open source REST Resource Server Metamug Mason on Github platform.

No Code, Just Config

XML based configuration saves development time and effort.

Data Driven

Connected to any SQL database and develop your API quickly.

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API Versioning

Maintain multiple versions of the same REST resource.


Secure your API using role-based authentication.

Create your API in just 3 simple steps

create your api in just simple steps

Unzip and run the bin/startup.bat

create your api in just simple steps

Open http://localhost:7000/console/ and login using default credentials admin/admin

create your api in just simple steps

Create backend and hit http://localhost:7000/{backend}

Build it from the ground up.

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Plugins for implementing custom business logic.

Open API Support

Generate API by Importing your own Open API spec

Rate Limiting

Control the number of requests being served by your API

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Ask Questions on stackoverflow with tag metamug. We will help answer them. If you need any help mail us at We will try to resolve them quickly. Let's build better apps for users.

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