Update IOs Gsuite Device Security Policy

Update IOs Gsuite Device Security Policy

Update IOs Gsuite Device Security Policy

"Device Policy Alert - Looks like your device isn't updated with the latest security policies. Please try again later."

Google Admin Device Management Setup

Login into Google Gsuite Admin and click on Devices.

Google Admin Device Management

On the left sidebar menu. Click on Setup Menu

Device Management > Setup Sidebar Menu

Apple Push Certificate Menu

On the setup screen, at the bottom, you can find the Apple Push Certificate Option. Press that. Setup > Apple Push Certificate

It will open the Apple Push certificate Screen. It will contain a link to renew Apple Push Certificate.

Apple Push Certificate Menu

Renew iOS Certificate

Renew consists of three steps.

  1. Download Certificate Signing Request from Google
  2. Upload this certificate on Apple Push Certificate Portal
  3. Download .pem file from Apple Portal and upload it on Google Admin

Renew iOS Certificate

Upload certificate Apple Push Certificate Portal

Upload Apple Certificate on Google Admin

Google Device Policy App

This app shows your data is synced.

Google Device Policy

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