Convert Confluence Page to Markdown

Convert Confluence Page to Markdown

Convert Confluence Page to Markdown

This guide explains how you can convert an html confluence page to markdown

1. Export Page to HTML

Open the sidebar, under your space you will see Space Settings with cog icon. Go to Content Tools tab and select HTML export radio button.

When you click export button, select custom export option and deselect all. And then in the treeview only select the required page.

For confluence server version, look for Space Tools at the bottom of the left sidebar.

2. Upload HTML to convert to markdown.

Unzip the exported space files and upload the html page to

The page may contain more html than you need. This tool automatially extracts the content in main-content section.

<div id="main-content" class="wiki-content group">

and converts it into markdown.

3. Save the markdown content

Confluence to Markdown Converter

Copy the output and save it as an md file. Confluence allows you to import markdown file. So you can edit this markdown freely and update your confluence page later.

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