• Develop and test your backend online.
  • Download all your data with production ready package.
  • 10,000 requests/day.
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Metamug Free
Metamug Standard


  • No database limit.
  • Hosted API server.
  • Extended file storage.
  • Custom domain with SSL.
  • Code deployment facility.
  • No API request limiting.
  • Mail to:
  • Know More: +91 9769368420
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  • Custom licence.
  • Run on your server.
  • Provide annual support.
  • Custom enhancement and development.
  • Software level agreements.
  • Testing.
  • Mail to:
  • Know More: +91 9769368420
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Metamug Pro


Free Cloudstart Custom
Designed For Full Stack Devs Small-Medium Businesses Medium-Large Companies
Endpoint Metamug API Metamug Subdomain/Custom Custom
Pricing Free Starting From $299/year As per Contract
Suitable For Prototyping/MVP/POC Production Ready Backend Custom API Development
Auth Yes Yes Yes
Data Formats JSON, XML, JSON+Dataset JSON, XML, JSON+Dataset JSON, XML, JSON+Dataset
Resource Nesting Yes Yes Yes
API Usage Statistics Yes Yes Yes
Database MySQL Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server Any
Server Shared Dedicated Your Cloud/Data Center
Database Access Limited Full Full
Data Storage Limit 100 MB Custom Custom
Request Limit 10,000/Day Unlimited Unlimited
Resource File Limit 1000 Unlimited Unlimited
Tech Support Limited Email & Online Support On-Site
Data Storage Limit 100 MB Custom Custom
External Database No Yes Yes
SSL Yes Yes Custom
Download Data Yes Yes Yes
Code Execution No Yes Yes
Console Metamug Console Custom Custom

Licensed Model

# Annual Licensed Model Renewal Licensed Model
Users Commercial Acedemic Commercial Acedemic
1 Users US $29 Free US $29 Free
2-8 Users US $299 US $199 US $199 US $99
8-21 Users US $799 US $499 US $499 US $299
21-55 Users US $1,199 US $799 US $799 US $499
55+ Users US $2,999 US $1,199 US $1,999 US $799


Register youself on metamug and build backends.Your backend is hosted on
Code execution is not allowed by default. You need to have a managed account to enable code deployment and execution.
There is no limit on number of download of your backend data.
The server is licensed per developer. Support Charges will be additional yearly.
You can use the console to directly view all your backends and modify them by clicking on
You can enable authentication by adding user role to different users through the SQL editor. Then using the user name in the "auth" attribute of the <Resource> tag. For more info, you can read the docs at
Yes we do provide custom module development and integration services along with the product licensed.

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