Rest API Interview Questions for Developers

Rest API Interview Questions for Developers

Rest API Interview Questions for Developers

REST APIs are a key component in many modern web applications. They allow developers to create services that can be consumed by other software programs. This article will cover some of the most commonly asked REST API interview questions. We hope it helps you prepare for your next job interview!

What does it mean when someone says they're using an HTTP API?

An HTTP API is a set of rules used to communicate with a server. It's a standard protocol that allows computers to talk to each other. A REST API is one type of HTTP API. REST stands for Representational State Transfer. It's a method of communicating between two different systems.

Why should I use a RESTful API over a SOAP API?

There are several reasons why you might choose to use a RESTful API instead of a SOAP API. First, RESTful APIs are easier to implement than SOAP APIs because there are fewer steps involved. Second, RESTful APIs are more scalable than SOAP APIs because they're stateless. Third, RESTful APIs are simpler to understand than SOAP APIs because RESTful APIs are based on HTTP methods. Finally, RESTful APIs are better suited for mobile applications because they're easy to integrate into an app.

What's the difference between JSON and XML?

REST APIs typically return data as either JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) or XML (Extensible Markup Language). Both formats are text documents that contain structured data. However, JSON is much smaller than XML. Also, JSON is designed to be easily parsed by JavaScript programs. On the other hand, XML is designed to be human readable.

What's the difference in how REST APIs work with GET vs POST requests?

A GET request returns only one piece of data. This means that the response will not contain any links to additional data. A POST request returns multiple pieces of data. This means the response will contain links to additional data.

What's the difference when working with REST APIs versus SOAP APIs?

REST APIs are based on HTTP requests and responses. They use the same verbs as other web services (GET, PUT, DELETE) and follow the same rules for how to format the data returned. REST APIs are also stateless, meaning that each request is independent of previous ones. SOAP APIs are based on XML messages. They use different verbs than HTTP requests and return structured data. SOAP APIs are usually used by applications that need to exchange large amounts of data between systems.


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