Your App Needs needs an API backend

Your App Needs needs an API backend

Your App Needs needs an API backend

Disrupting app backend development with metamug

You may have never heard of metamug. We are at it since past few years and it helped us deliver our projects way faster than the usual code-build-deploy-repeat routine.

The Cost-Sensitive Market

A tool is what saves your money and time. This is the prime motivation for us to build this tool. We live in a price sensitive market. A lot of app development plans are put on hold due to cost. We talk to a lot of people who want to build apps for their business, web, mobile, and desktop. They want to reach their customers better on all platforms. The requirements are somewhat the same for most customers still the development cost quoted by developers is high.

What makes the cost go up?

Apps are built by developers and finding the right developer for the job is challenging. Head Hunting, interviewing, recruiting, retaining developers for a small business owner is a substantial overhead. It's probably not his passion. He'd rather focus on getting this task done from a reliable source. All this makes app development a costly affair.

Unfortunate Events

Your developer is having a hard time dealing with changing requirements. You have a constraint budget. You want to go-to-market asap. Your developer is facing server issues. And many such issues delay your project. Delays in delivery of the product hamper revenue, we all know that.

A business owner is more concerned with opportunity cost than development cost.

Software Tools help reduce cost

We are essentially developers, who want to build great apps and don't like repeating ourselves with the same tasks over and over again. Every developer after doing something successfully a couple of times, start to think of automating the task. That's how build & scaffolding tools are born. Our industry keeps inventing such tools to help speed up development and reduce errors and build quality apps. Developers prefer command-line and text configurations more than pressing a lot of buttons to get things done.

How did we help them both?

We kept the business owners and developers in mind when we built this tool. We were dealing with both ends of the spectrum. Much of our success lies in the understanding what both business owners and developers want to build successful apps.

We wanted to build a tool that even a solo developer will love to work with. Our team is the first user of this tool. This also gives us the competitive edge over other teams using the open source tools available in the market to build app backends.

Metamug helps business owners go-to-market quickly. If you are building your MVP, metamug is the backend for your apps. You can deploy it cloud or on your own infrastructure.

If you are a business owner, we can definitely help! If you are a developer, you can try metamug for free.

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