Upwork Your Account Has Been Suspended

Upwork Your Account Has Been Suspended


Upwork - Your account has been suspended

I got this message after I logged into my upwork account today. As you can see they suspended my account. I went through their Help center and couldn't find the reason for suspending my account.

Profile Verification Intimation

Last month Upwork had sent me a mail asking to verify my account using video chat.

Profile Verification Upwork

I went ahead and verified my account with a video call from one of their representatives. also follows such steps to ensure users are legit. So I did comply with their policies. Soon I received a mail stating that my profile is active now.

Your upwork account is now Active

Your Upwork Account is now Active

Account Suspension Mail

So I checked my mail. And here is what surprised me.

Upwork Account Suspended Mail

What I understand from this mail is that Upwork does not want anyone who's not getting a project on their site. I have been freelancing since a long time. I was even doing full time freelancing and have a Preferred Account.

Locked Private Profile Upwork
They even locked my profile visibiity. Stating If I do not get paid for a while, my profile gets removed from the public listing. You can keep my profile on the last page, I do not mind that. But why to remove a freelancer where he can potentially be contacted by an employer.

Reaching out to them

Whenever I contact Support team, they are quick to respond. They open and resolve tickets in 1-2 days. But Upwork has made it so clear that I see no purpose to contact their support.

Let me know in the comment below. Your thoughts on this. Thanks.

  • Deepak Mishra
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