Restful Apis For Postgres Database

Restful Apis For Postgres Database

Restful Apis For Postgres Database

For the Open Source Database Users

Our first release was with MySQL connection to build REST APIs with SQL Queries. Metamug API Console with its rise in popularity and with LAMP stack developers for “MySQL to REST API” became our standard database connector.

Since the API Console download had to connect with an existing running MySQL instance, we added HSQLDB for quickly prototyping APIs over an internal embedded database. HSQLDB is similar to H2 but it offers PLSQL capabilities, so we went ahead with HSQLDB.

MySQL is the most popular open-source database by far, followed by Postgres. It even leaves behind SQL Server due to usage in WordPress and LAMP stack website hosting. So we have covered all the scenarios MySQL connections had to offer for building REST APIs.


Rising Demand for Postgres

Some of our customers were using Postgres in production and wanted us to support Postgres. In the microservices ecosystem, Postgres is now a favorite for the polyglot persistence alongside commercial databases like Oracle and SQL Server

PostgresSQL is also one of the most trusted and popular open-source relational databases. However, there are syntactical differences between our MySQL queries and Postgres with the datatype. With the differences in mind, we integrated Postgres into all the features Metamug API Console offered for database connection and management.

Postgres is now a first-class citizen in our database connector ecosystem.

Security for Postgres APIs

Our product offers OAuth 2.0 JWT Token-based authentication where the user information is stored in the database. The database is in full control of authentication information.

We are excited to release Postgres in our free download version.

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